First Real Post

Here’s to hoping!

I’ll be heading off to my teaching job in Shiyan, Hubei, China on Saturday (bright and squirrely). Thanks to my friend, Kimi I’m feeling very motivated and organized to get my life back to an art career track. Which isn’t to say I don’t enjoy teaching, but it isn’t my calling and I don’t want to stick with it because it’s easy.

I finished a small puppet today for my friend, Lyon. This is for his puppetry piece, “The Way Things Were.” I’ll be sure to post a video link if one ever comes about.

His wife, Jenny Mae is going to be performing the piece, so Lyon drew the character to look like Jenny. Beyond that, he told me that when he made the piece in the O’Neil Puppetry Conference last summer, he wasn’t aware he would have to perform it himself (as the female narrator he wrote).

Jenny Mae look alike for “The Way Things Were.” September 21st 2016. Fabric, wire, magnets, plastic bell jar. Design by Lyon F. Hill.

She’s a really simple thing and I didn’t bother putting too much detail in her since she will only be viewed by the audience from a few feet and more away (and yet still I put too much detail in her, I’d say it’s because I haven’t sewn anything in awhile and missed it).

I’m doing my best to get this website looking decent- of course I’m using the same few pictures as filler, so that looks silly. I’ll work on switching out pictures when I get to China, since my hard drive is packed away now.


P.S. You’ll notice some things on my blog for my students. Having 500 kids to inform means using the internet makes my life easier. I figure if they have a place where homework is posted, they can’t say they never got the assignment.



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