Wanker: A Dog Renamed Buddy

When I was 12, my dad brought home a Dachshund puppy. My mom was furious. After all, we already had a dog that needed more attention, as well as about 11 indoor-outdoor cats.

The irony is that very very quickly this puppy took a liking to my mom, and really became her dog. My dad called him Buddy, but my mom nicknamed him Wanker due to his un-neutered puppy tendencies. It wasn’t until a few years later my mom broke down and started calling him Buddy, since my baby brother, Coby was on the way (her rationale: we don’t need a toddler walking around and talking about “Wanker”). After Coby was born, Buddy became deeply in love with Coby. By his toddler years, they were very much best friends, so perhaps her intuition was best since Buddy is a common topic for Coby.

As you may have guessed from this story, Buddy has passed away. It turned out he had an infection in his pancreas. Despite antibiotics, he did not wake up on Saturday morning. It was really unexpected, and has left everyone in the family quite sad.

Buddy in summer 2016: this is one of the last pictures I took of him. He was a dapple weenie, but he definitely has greyed a lot in his age.

Coby doesn’t know yet, as I’m writing this, since he is away with Nanny for the weekend, but I am already so sad for him. Buddy has adored Coby his whole life. They were truly the image of a boy and his dog. As soon as Coby came walking down the road- no one yet seeing him from the window – Buddy was already jumping off the couch to greet his boy. No one made that dog happier.

Coby blowing air at Buddy. This is was a family favorite activity to engage in with Buddy. He would lick at the air as your blew on his tongue.

It’s been awhile since I’ve lost an animal I felt close to, or even one that I didn’t expect to die. For that matter, I think this is the first animal I’ve lost in my adult life.

Buddy had become so much a part of my family, that I would always draw him in trail of Coby!

My mom’s four kids.

At 12 years old, he had a pretty good life. He was only ever sick once- when he injured his back- and that was an easy fix. It was a pretty quick death with little pain. He was very happy through his life. This is more than a lot of people (or animals) can say.

I feel a little silly as much as I’m crying, but it’s amazing how much an animal can become a part of your life. They’re often better companions than your fellow humans.They’ve been witness to your growing up. They don’t let you down, or put you down. You don’t expect too much from them, so it’s hard for them to. Considering how shitty life was for me when Buddy came around, it meant a lot to have a companion like that. It’s also strange to lose one of the good things that my dad managed to give me before he died.

Sometimes life really sucks, you know?

I miss Buddy.


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