Show Cow: Chinese BBQ

My Chinese is awful. A lot of words sound similar to my ears, and I often mix up vowels when trying to speak. For example, it’s actually shou kou, not show cow (that may not be spelled right in pinyin either. I can’t find it in it a dictionary). Ever since I made this mistake, we like to call BBQ show cow, and gesture like we’re walking a show cow out at the state fair. It’s fun, so I don’t feel all too stupid about it. I also remember how to properly ask the taxi driver to take us to shou kou, since I know how it isn’t pronounced now 😉

Group picture! I realize the issue with taking pictures is that you’re never in them.
On Monday night, we decided we would go out and eat this Sichuan-spicy delight*, after Tunafish finished her online ESL tutoring (look at the first job listed here for the company- it’s SO much better than tutoring in person, and better paying**).

It was 9pm when we left. Even knowing this probably meant we would have really bad acid reflux, we wanted to go anyway. It’s a really popular evening food, perhaps for the drunken, snack interested, so it’s not even open until 6pm. Now that I think about it, I think it’s the only place open past 10pm in Shiyan.

My pretty Tunafish.
Plus, who doesn’t like eating stick meats late with friends from time to time? It’d been awhile since we were all able to get together between new side jobs, and trying to prepare to go back home to America (all of the teachers at our school wont be renewing next year).

I didn’t get any pictures of the food, unfortunately, except for one. At some point, a young Chinese man walked up to us to say hello. He told us he was very interested in learning English, despite being very poor in the subject (his words). He left us, but returned after finishing his own BBQ with some… treats.

We’re not quite sure what type of bug they are, cicadas maybe, but this guy made sure to bring one for each of us.

Cicadas, maybe?
Two to a stick, they were the size of small, fat pickles. As soon as he walked up behind Tunafish and Keith, I dared him to eat one.

He did to my utter delight. That meant one down, only three left to eat! I was determined not to be the one to eat those bugs.

He actually wasn’t very persistent at all in trying to get us to eat them. Generally we’ve found ourselves stumbling home in drunkenness from the insistence of our company to indulge with them in the given activity.

The only one actually eating the bugs was Dorothy. She managed to bite one in half. She couldn’t handle how juicy it was though, and ended up spitting it out. I’m honestly surprised she was able to eat it for as long as she did!!!



Now, the question remains whether or not they’re cooking these buggy boys on the same grill as my show cow?!?





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