Graduate School

This is how it works, right?

You start planning when plans fall through and then those fallen plans rise back up.

Remember that post I made about a month ago about coming to terms with not going to graduate school? Well, it turns out I’m going to graduate school.

I’ve actually been offered a nice scholarship and work-study package to cover a big portion of schooling costs, and I’ll still have plenty of time to work for my living expenses, as well as some of the out of pocket costs. While I’ll still have a little bit in loans, I’m not too worried since I managed to get out of undergraduate school without them. I also have opportunities for assistantships and other scholarships.

So, why didn’t I know about this sooner?

My guess is that it has something to do with G-mail and the Great Firewall of China. Regardless, the offer did eventually get to me, along with some really personal, kind messages from the staff at the school. They are adamant they want me, and are seeing what they can do to make the offer more appealing (this is mostly because of the communication errors where they didn’t realize I hadn’t received the package yet, and I didn’t realize I had a package at all).

After talking it over with a couple people, I decided I really do want to go to school. I think it will be really beneficial to me. The MPA will help me to navigate the odd waters of private business, government, non-profits, and public interest. Since it’s a dual degree, the MAAA will give me an arts based slant to play off of.

On a side note, these are the classes I want to take in the Fall:

  • Public Management
  • Financial Management for the Arts
  • Arts Entrepreneurship
  • Museum Management or Public Management Economics (time slot is the same)

Taking the Good and the Bad

  1. I do feel sad that I wont be home with Coby.
    • He can come visit me though! I think it would be a lot of fun to have him to myself for a couple weeks next summer!
  2. I can’t help my mom out as much while she fixes the house. I can still give her some summer weeks and holidays though.
    • Honestly, having limited time might be more effective than feeling like, “Oh, we have time so we can wait.”
    • I do think living with my mom for ten months would grow old very quickly. She’s used to not having me around anymore, and I’m used to not living with her! That’s pretty normal.
    • I can cook, garden, come and go as I please, and so on. Don’t have to ask anyone but the landlord.
  3. It will be nice to live with Christina, since it was looking like we would have to play the game of half long-distance, half always commuting to one another game. I would have really missed her.
    • She’s happy because she can get her cats out of her mom’s house.
  4. It’s sad we wont be hiking the Appalachian Trail next year.
    • Nonetheless, researching it has inspired us. We’ve got a day hike planned for a few weeks from now, and I think this has inspired Christina to want to go camping.
    • Longer time to save that money. Which is awesome.
    • Since it’s a 2.5 year program, I would be finished in December, and we could actually plan to hike it the March after I graduate (or I could take a semester off to hike it, whatever).
  5. Not having access to my artsy friends sucks.
    • However, it turns out everyone in the MAAA program is an artist.
    • Ideally this degree will help me to help my artsy friends later with grants and other such things.
    • We can use snail mail to work on small projects together.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’m quite excited. It feels right, more so than not going. I hate the prospect of loans, but I also know it isn’t that much money comparatively. It’s still less than most people have in undergraduate loans too.



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