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After a treacherous hike in Hot Springs, NC during the beautiful Fall season of 2015, I was inspired to hike the Appalachian Trail. Since that October, it has been a goal of mine to actually hike this 2,200 mile feat. This page is dedicated to our research in preparation for that journey.

Support Us! Support Others!

Tunafish and I will set out at the end of March 2018. If you want to support our endeavor, please consider making a donation. You can donate to us personally, or you can support us by making every mile we hike count. While your donations are not necessary, we are thankful and welcome anything you wish to give.

Fundraising Page to Help Others:

You can donate here. Hike for Mental Health gives 80% of your donations to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, and 20% to preserving the very trails we’ll call our home for 6 months (that’s right, a full 100% of your contributions are actually donated). By donating to this cause, you’re telling us that every step we take matters, since every step we take will result in pennies or dollars being donated to preserving our beautiful country, as well as improving the way we treat mental illness.

Wish Lists:

One of the biggest costs in hiking the trail is the equipment! If you’re living in your shoes, you should probably buy some really good ones. The issue is that you’ll need two or three pairs over the 2,200 mile trek. See what I mean? If you don’t want to give money, but still want to support us financially, consider sending us something from our to-buy list. You can donated directly to Payton here, or directly to Christina here (coming).


We thank you for anything you give. This will help us to buy equipment, replace equipment, keep ourselves well fed, to afford health insurance as we hike, and take rest days if we are ill, injured, or simply just need a day sleeping in an actual bed. You can donated directly to Payton here, or directly to Christina here (coming).

Other Donations:

Maybe you have a tent that you haven’t used in five years you think we could use, or a surplus of protein bars that are getting stale. Whatever it is, we’re thankful for that too. Just use the Contact page to tell us about it!